The Monument in Minuteman Park – 2022

The Monument at Minuteman Park, Westborough, MA

The following provides reports submitted to the Town’s Select Board and Trustees of Soldiers’ Memorials relating to the monument that was installed in Minuteman Park in 2022 when problems with the Bicentennial Commission’s 1975 monument emerged and a solution was adopted to deal with them.  The reports provide a useful record of current historical research respecting the manner in which, in 1774 and 1775, Westborough responded to the British threats to Massachusetts’ accustomed rights and liberties.

On April 15, 2023, Westborough residents along with town and state officials gathered for the unveiling of the new monument at Minuteman Park. You can view the ceremony, courtesy of Westborough TV, here: Monument Dedication – Response to the Alarm of April 19, 1775.

Reports and Letters

1)  David Nourse – Report to the Town on its two forgotten militia companies – April 2, 2021

2)  David Nourse – Supplement Report to the Town, with a proposed Plan of Monument – May 31, 2021

3)  David Nourse – Letter to the Trustees of Soldiers’ Memorials concerning the authenticity and correctness of the names on the new memorial and recommendations for completion of the project, with a corrected Plan of Monument – September 22, 2021

4)  David Nourse – Addendum to reports to the Town recommending adoption of the name spellings set out in Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War – December 29, 2021

5)  J. L. Bell – Report and Findings – February 21, 2022

6)  Alex Cain – Report and Findings – March 6, 2022

7) David Nourse – Letter to Trustees of Soldiers’ Memorials in response to the two independent reports – March 30, 2022

8)  The Proof of Expose Signs & Graphics for the plaque on the new monument in Minuteman Park – September 2, 2022

9) Alphabetical listing of the 101 men who appear on the monument.


Muster Rolls from the MA State Archives

Capt. Edmund Brigham – Muster Roll for Minuteman Company

Capt. Seth Morse – Payroll for Militia Company

Capt. Joseph Baker – Muster Roll for Militia Company