Westborough Historical Newspapers and Town Records Online

The Westborough Chronotype and other Westborough historical newspapers are now available online!

Microfilm containing images of Westborough’s historical newspapers has been digitized and is now available online. All of the issues can be browsed, just as they appear on the microfilm. In addition, the full-text of the newspapers is searchable, and the images can all be adjusted to produce image quality that supersedes what a traditional microfilm reader machine can show. The articles and images can also be cropped and printed.

Click here to access and search Westborough’s Historical Newspapers.


Title/Year Key to Westborough’s Newspapers:

Westborough Messenger – 1849-1850

Westborough Sheaf – 1855-1856

Westborough Transcript – 1860-1863

Saturday Evening Chronotype – 1867-1870

Westborough Chronotype – 1871-1965 (with some gaps)

Westborough Chronotype and Community Leader – 1966-1972

Framingham Leader and Westborough Chronotype – 1973-1974


Microfilm images of Town Records stored at the Westborough Town Clerk’s Office from 1717-1856 are also available. The quality is not great and the text cannot be searched, but the images can be enhanced using the Digital Reel adjustments at the top. You can also use the page function at the top to jump to the start of the full text of the records, which begins on page 31. Westbrough’s hand-written copy of the Declaration of Independence begins on page 360 (a better, digitized copy of the Declaration can be found by scrolling down this page).